Sasha spent years in the Corporate world and created this 5 day less stress at your desk challenge just for you. She knows the demands of the workplace all too well and has crafted this unique challenge to help Corporates stay energized, motivated, focused and positive in the workplace. 

In under 12 minutes per day you will dedicate to your physical and mental health and you don't have to leave your desk or chair to do it. 

This challenge is simple, easy to follow and short enough so that anyone can find the time to do it even in office hours. 

The dynamic challenge incorporates breathing, meditation, visualization, chair yoga postures and many more ancient yogic and wellness techniques to help you better focus, enhance creativity and boost energy.  

Relieve built up anxiety and stress, alleviate back and neck pain, strengthen the mind, spark motivation and detoxify to step towards your best and most brilliant self in the workplace and in your personal life. 

If you can spend time daily scrolling social media pages you can take a short time to dedicate to your mental health and wellbeing!

This challenge is available for only $137.00 dollars and you own the entire program for life, its a steal!

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Sasha is so excited to share the program with you and help you release stress in the workplace!