We never equate traumatic moments to transformation in our journey of life.

I felt ashamed to ever admit that the most heartbreaking moment in my life transformed me; the loss of my sister. Part of this conversion was finding Yoga and specifically the power of meditation. I was living in a self-absorbed bubble my whole life, one heart breaking phone call burst that bubble.  I was dropped into the present moment and after much struggle I started to feel absolute gratitude for everything in my life, presence to my surroundings, expression of truth, connection to nature, plus a deep longing to inspire others.

My life experiences have made me the Yoga Instructor and Student I am today. Practicing and teaching for over six years has allowed me to discover the various layers involved in Yoga. Standing on the head is one very small aspect of what Yoga is for me. Yoga is a lifestyle. I am passionate about teaching Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, where we link breath to movement in an energetic and fiery practice that lights our inner flame, strengthens our trust and self confidence on a level we have never experienced before.  In CSV Yoga a one-hour practice equates to 2 hours of any other yoga style, we use detoxifying methods to gain maximum benefits. My signature programs include Core Strength Yoga, Corporate less stress at your desk programs, Prenatal Yoga for peace and energy, and Physical Education programs for universities. All my programs align with meditation and breath, as this first and foremost is the backbone of Yoga as well as the final expression.

I firmly believe no matter whom your teacher is, your best and most brilliant teacher is YOU, especially when you are awake, open and ready to receive.

This is what I offer my students, a space to discover their bodies, breath, mind and soul. Currently spreading my love for Yoga in the UAE, I feel honored to be presented as the only Core Strength Vinyasa teacher at the largest yoga festival in the Middle East, YogaFest Dubai, as well as to contribute my knowledge and experience in Yoga to several media platforms across the UAE. I am an ERYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance Instructor from Vancouver, Canada with various additional certifications in Pregnancy Yoga (in which I have created my own DVD), Yin Yoga, Meditation, Kids Yoga, and training's in the Anatomy of Yoga.

It is my deepest desire and hope that YOU experience your life A W A K E (as we say in yoga with Samadhi) and find the peace and joy that I have found through Yoga and meditation. I invite you to go online and participate in a yoga sequence with me.  You can find my YouTube channel under Sasha Quince, or if you're already a part of the Abu Dhabi community, why not join me this week for a session in person? Everyone is welcome!

Spark the purest form of connection, which starts with that of self. Be your best and most brilliant self!