Changing your lifestyle can help beat senior stress

Yoga is renowned for cleansing the mind, body and soul and it is the ideal exercise choice for senior adults. Getting older can bring with it new stressful experiences which can lead to long-term health issues. These include:

·         Digestive problems

·         Heart disease

·         Immune system disorders

·         Inflammatory disorders

The long-term effects are often able to be controlled but are irreversible, therefore it is best to try preventative methods such as changing your diet and exercise. Yoga is a good place to start for older adults who are unable to try out more strenuous cardiovascular activities. Stress can be caused by various issues such as finances after retirement, loss of a loved one or the drastic change of lifestyle after working. If you are having digestive issues, trouble sleeping or high blood pressure, you could be suffering from stress.  

Keep reading to find out more about the health effects of senior stress and how to combat them.

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