Power & Presence in the Workplace: Bust Stress & Boost Productivity! 

Sasha can empathize with workplace stress and anxiety, she spent much of her time in the Corporate world navigating this. She was inspired after her own transformation to develop Power & Presence program in the workplace. The program helps organizations through mindfulness, meditation & yoga enhance the productivity, positivity & performance of their employees. Join the top 10 companies in the world such as Google who are using these techniques to grow their organizations. Quality life long practices to, bust stress, improve focus, teamwork, leadership & creativity with simple practices that work! 

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5-Day to Less Stress at Your Desk Challenge! Daily 10 to 12 minute videos

The 5-day less stress at your desk challenge will teach you life changing techniques to improve your creativity, bust stress and negativity, energize you all day long, boost your productivity and motivation in the workplace. For as little as 12 minutes per day at the comfort of your desk or elsewhere take control of the stress in your life and live happier and healthier. Dedicate to your mental health & your growth!