Sasha Quince has practiced many styles of yoga from Asthanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram and more…. They all provided great benefits, but when Sasha found Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, not only did she navigate some major physical discomforts created through other styles of yoga, but she found a practice that made sense anatomically, served the body to the best, strengthened and toned her core, arms and lower body more effectively than any other style. Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga saved Sasha’s spinal health on many ways and she is grateful to the founder Sadie Nardini who created this style from years of profound anatomical research. In this style of Yoga every posture, breath & transitional movement is created from the root, it’s a fluid practice which to give you maximum benefits such as deep core strength, spinal stability, detoxification, allows one to nurture self-expression and truth, increase calorie burn, flexibility, focus and self confidence. This practice will spark major changes both inside and out, providing a quality experience of body – mind & soul.  As you learn to fill your poses with quality breathing, you get stronger, lighter, and create a freedom of dance within the body, which is supported by a light mind & heart.  Core Strength Vinyasa will give you the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time, this style of Yoga has revolutionized my practice as well as many of my students’ and I am so excited for you experience it’s benefits.