4- Week Yoga Shred Challenge with Sasha Quince

Sasha Quince © Heather Bonker-26.jpg
Sasha Quince © Heather Bonker-26.jpg

4- Week Yoga Shred Challenge with Sasha Quince


Excited to share with you what I do personally to shed the weight, stay fit, feel energized and get my muscles to tone better. It's the YOGA SHRED and I am challenging you to 4 weeks (once weekly) to combine HIIT moves with yoga breathing, movements and alignment for an optimal experience! 


- Increase strength & endurance 

- Improve stamina and flexibility 

- Boost weight loss and speed up the metabolism with yogic breathe. 

- Have fun and spark some fire with fast twitch movements! 

- Learn tecniques that actually work in toning your msucles and burning fat! 

The great thing is I will also share a live video with you weekly if you wish to amp up your shred to twice a week! Ladies I have struggled at the gym and even yoga alone doest cut it! After having baby #2 I have had to AMP up my fitness and gain some endurance! Can't wait to share this challenge with you as its really helped me! xoxo 

Dates: July 4th, July 11th, July 16th & July 18th, 2017 (Tuesdays 9-10am) and July 17th  (Monday 9-10am). 

Venue: THE DOME AL RADWAT, ABU DHABI UAE - this is on airport road opposite the Hilton Hotel complex. Its a black and two story building with a large football field! 

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