Revolutionze your Yoga Tecnique Workshop

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Revolutionze your yoga tecnique .png

Revolutionze your Yoga Tecnique Workshop


Revolutionize Your Yoga Techniques

Ever wonder if your downward dogging or planking right? If your lunges are supporting or destabilizing your spine?

Yoga is accessible to everyone but yet extremely different for each body. I've struggled with the flexibility, strength, and spinal stability through yoga and I have faced injuries in the past. My study in anatomy & muscle meridian lines has revolutionized my techniques, and I am very excited to share these new movement modalities with you! 

This workshop will show you how physics and biomechanics can strengthen your poses and support stronger transitions. You will understand breathing for both heating & clearing that you can use in any yoga style your practice. You will access many of the asanas you already know but with TWICE the benefits (strength, flexibility, detox, healing & injury-preventing).

My technique called 'the wave' will show you the anatomic shift in your transitions and quiet literally grow your body in specific poses that you do in all yoga classes.  

We will together learn how to align the pose before you are in the full expression trough a process of foundation - core and expression, for deeper core and spinal stability. 

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Revolutionize Your Yoga Technique Workshop!