About Prenatal Yoga

Sasha Quince has been certified in Prenatal Yoga for years, she has always had a desire to inspire women to stay fit and healthy in their pregnancies. Sasha became very passionate about Prenatal Yoga, while experiencing her first pregnancy with her son. She explored and created essential movements and breathing techniques to alleviate so many pregnancy discomforts while staying healthy & strong throughout.

Sasha also created a Prenatal Yoga DVD in her 8th month of pregnancy to inspire women around the world and within her own community to practice yoga throughout the week for maximum benefits.

In Sasha’s Prenatal Yoga classes and workshops you will receive the opportunity to connect, to strengthen and tone the upper, lower and core body, to assess the best methods to ease back pain, increase circulation, relieve stress and anxiety, breathe stronger for birthing, mentally prepare for your birthing experience and foster a healthier pregnancy for you and your baby. Yoga helped Sasha keep fit, energized, present and connected in her pregnancies and she cannot wait to share these amazing benefits with you! You are creating life, you are on a remarkable journey and you are blessed to be here! Embrace it and make the most of this experience that may never come around again!

7 -Day Prenatal Kickstarter Online Program

Get My Prenatal Yoga DVD!

Prenatal Yoga DVD created when Sasha was 8 months pregnant with her first child was created to inspire women to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancies. To connect with their bodies and their babies and most importantly gain strength, flexibility & focus. The DVD will help women prepare for birthing and keep them centered with special breathing techniques. There is a bonus called partner poses where couples can practice postures to alleviate back pain, increase circulation and prepare for birthing together.

7 Days, 12 minutes per day, for a more enjoyable, energetic and peaceful pregnancy. Enhance your pregnancy experience and relieve the common discomforts. This specialized program will relieve back pain, increase circulation, increase energy, ease stress, and keep you calm and collected in the birthing room in just 12 minutes per day. Strengthen your bond with your baby and make your pregnancy spectacular and memorable, as you remain healthy & fit.