Hear from some of my wonderful students!

I began yoga three years ago. I had tried many different types of exercise and exercise was always a "have to." I found yoga and it changed to a "want to." Yoga has helped me to live more presently, more compassionately, and become more loving and open to those around me as well as to myself. As I became physically stronger through yoga, I developed great inner strength as well. Yoga calms me. It's where I go to seek a time out from my day-to-day responsibilities. It's helped me to take life one-step at a time. 

I have especially enjoyed Sasha's teaching as it focused on not only the physical aspect of yoga but also the mind. Her classes are fun and challenging! She puts a lot of thought and heart into her classes and cares individually for her students. She knows my strengths and gives tips on how to better my yoga practice by encouraging me to honor my body where it is at the moment while also encouraging me to expand my practice. Yoga inspires me to be my best self! 

I have really enjoyed participating for the last two years in the Yoga & Wellness Retreat. It's mix of yoga, mediation, and relaxation. I look forward to it every year!

Katie Shaler

I have had the pleasure to learn from Sasha both as she embarked on her journey as a yoga teacher and also now that she has established herself fully in following her passion. Her growth as a teacher and guide has been tremendous and, as her student, I feel my growth with yoga has followed suit. 

From an objective perspective as a Masters student in Health Psychology, I can attest to the mounting empirical evidence that suggests yoga is beneficial for emotional regulation, reduction in both pre- and ante-natal depression, reduction in symptoms of panic disorders, supports healing of cancer survivors and that pranayama may even support the reduction of symptoms during chemotherapy. Personally, as part of a commitment to myself for 2015, I feel that yoga is a greater part of my life. I have even reached the point where after a stressful day my body will ask for Downward Dog or Dolphin pose ... and I oblige, immediately feeling the release of tension. 

Thank you Sasha, for your sincerity of approach, professionalism and attention to both anatomy and Spirit. Namaste.

Kristina E. Turner

Hi Sasha,

Just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed Pre-natal yoga classes with you! You have been such a great yoga teacher - thank-you for everything!! Since not being able to attend classes the last few weeks I have been trying as much as I can to keep up using your Prenatal Yoga DVD-which has been great. I'm in the 39th week now so it's getting close (but no baby just yet!!)


I was an absolute beginner to Yoga when I joined Sasha’s class. Despite the presence of some obvious regulars, never once did I feel intimidated or uninformed.

The atmosphere was inviting and safe. It was the perfect place to start. I changed that day. As a competitive athlete now in his late 40s, I found myself struggling and holding on to poor stretching and flexing habits. After only a few months of Sasha’s teaching, my back pain subsided and my flexibility increased. The Vinyasa flow has strengthened my core, also reducing back pain to nothing, while increasing balance and flexibility. I can walk into a class full of stress and anxiety from the day and walk out warm, satisfied, and refreshed.

Sasha’s words and the speed of flow helped me learn that much of the stress and pressure that limits my physical and conscious world can subside with a focus on breathing, rooting my feet into the earth, and concentrating on engaging my body from fingertips to toes. Each class is transformational, honestly. Today, Yoga is such an important part of my life, I can’t believe I waited so long to try it.  I also have to say, Sasha you really helped me last week. I was in a bad head space and was content to hideout, do the yoga and isolate at home. You approaching me and asking me to help fixed me to be present and appreciate the yoga. I felt healed afterwards. I know I wasn't the best choice for a demo person, but it really helped. I probably will blog about it. Thank you, so very much, Sasha!

Lee Dabagia Jr. 

After having brain surgery in 2014, I had severe anxiety. I tried yoga on my own and it seemed to help, but I needed more guidance. 7 months later, I decided to attend Sasha’s yoga classes. I was nervous at first because I was still recovering. However, I contacted Sasha by email and she agreed that coming to a yoga class would be good for me.  I felt so lucky to have found her. Not only was she looking out for me, but she was always making modifications in her classes for me and for those who were ready for more challenges. Sasha has a gift for making everyone in class feel included, welcomed, and comfortable in their fitness journey. She was always willing to talk with me before or after class, and by email. Yoga has really helped me to process my brain surgery experience. After each of her classes I found that I was able to reflect, process, and accept what has happened to me.  I was finally able to manage my anxiety. Going to her yoga classes started a time of healing in my life. I was able to release the physical and emotional stress that had built up from that time.  I am now able to surrender all the pain from that time and have peace with my mind and body again. I am so thankful for Sasha’s patience, kind voice, words of wisdom, and encouragement in each class. 

Sasha’s prenatal yoga really helped me with keeping active and focused during my pregnancy. Her words of encouragement and strength really kept me going. Prenatal Yoga kept me as active as possible during my pregnancy - I was not in shape going into my pregnancy, Saturday yoga classes were a fun social way for me to keep active, relax and to meet new people! Prenatal Yoga was a fun and relaxing activity that I could incorporate into my weekly hectic schedule. Sasha ensured that all levels were taken care of in her class (before getting pregnant I had only experienced yoga once).
— Desirae Rainville

[Sasha’s] prenatal yoga classes were awesome...! It really helped with the breathing, relaxation, focusing and getting my body prepared for birth. I had the most amazing birth and we now have the most amazing baby girl who’s now four months old. Anyway the classes were great; thank you. xx
— Natalie Stirrat

While I was pregnant I definitely looked forward to my prenatal yoga classes with Sasha. Pregnancy is tough on your body and prenatal yoga helped me release the tension in my back, as well as the general body aches I would get from my changing body and growing belly. Prenatal yoga also helped me manage the swelling in my hands and feet. Sasha shared stretches I could do at home to help stimulate the blood flow and ease the swelling. Thank you, Sasha.
— Valsheph


I learned so much in [Sasha’s] class and I’m proud of myself for everything I did.... [Sasha’s] a great teacher and a great person, and so patient and positive all the time. :)
— Grega Ulen (University Student)